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Printing systems promote efficiency and convenience

Cembre offers a complete range of products to meet the identification requirements in the electrical field; the wide range available in the catalogue is able to meet the requirements of both large users and small consumers.

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Control and automation panels

The range of Cembre products related to supply demands for control and automation panels is particularly wide

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Legends replace the strips supplied with the devices and automatically print at the correct spacing. Thickness of legend 12,7x50 mm: 0,2 mm.
Consult us for availability of other colours.


2011/65/EU 2011/65/EU

Laboratory Test

CEI EN 60950-1


Information technology equipment - Safety
Part 1: General requirements
§ 1.7.11 Durability

Compliance is checked by inspection and by rubbing the marking by hand for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and again for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with hexane.

After this test, the marking shall be legible; it shall not be possible to remove marking plates easily and they shall show no curling.

CEI EN 61010-1


Ed.2 equivalent to VDE 0411-1

Safety indications for electric devices for measurement, control and laboratory use
Part 1: General indications

This regulation requires that both material and the print shall withstand‚ cleaning with chemical agents commonly used in industry.

By rubbing manually by hand, without excessive pressure, for 30 seconds with a cloth soaked in the specific detergent or, if not specifi ed, Isopropyl Alcohol.



This test was created to simulate cleaning with chemical products commonly used on various surfaces.

By wiping with a cloth soaked in 95% Ethanol 30 times and making a visual inspection after every 10 passes.

DIN 30643

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Geometric shape rectangular with square corners
Precut yes

Media gallery other media

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application 02
application 03
application 04
application 05

List of products


Material Rigid PVC
UL94 class V0
Max application temperature 60 °C
Min application temperature -30 °C


Material Polycarbonate
UL94 class V0
Halogen Free yes
Max operating temperature range 130 °C
Min operating temperature range -40 °C

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